In photos: Street Photography in Manchester, UK

Walking around Warehouse City

Here’s some photos of Manchester, UK.

170702_Manchester, UK (Edits)_023
Street art in Manchester, UK
170702_Manchester, UK (Edits)_018
Love in Manchester
170702_Manchester, UK (Edits)_014
Rochdale Canal, Manchester City Centre
170702_Manchester, UK (Edits)_013
Old and new: View of Beetham Tower from Rochdale Canal Tow Path
170702_Manchester, UK (Edits)_011
Manchester’s waterways
170702_Manchester, UK (Edits)_012
Drinks by the canal? Yes, please!
170702_Manchester, UK (Edits)_015
One Love Manchester
170702_Manchester, UK (Edits)_017
Response of street artists following 2017 Manchester Arena bombing
170702_Manchester, UK (Edits)_008
Long exposure shot of Bridgewater Canal, Manchester City Centre

*More of my photos from Manchester and the UK can be found on my Instagram page and Portfolio.

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Suggested Manchester playlist:


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