Revealed: 7 reasons why you need to visit Lake Como

I was staying in Milan with a friend for three days and we soon found out we could hop on a train which would take us directly to the famous lakeside town of Como.

Famed for its expensive villas, lakeside vistas, eponymous lake and A-List residents, Como is one of the most naturally beautiful places I’ve visited.

One of the things I love about Como is that it is the quintessential Italian town offering fantastic, fresh Italian food, a relaxed environment and beautiful scenery.

One regret we both have is that we should have stayed in Como longer than a day – you can probably spend a couple of weeks exploring the entire lake.

Here’s 7 reasons why you should visit Como:

Food and drinks

Good luck trying to find better Italian food outside Como.

Fresh ingredients, vibrant flavours, spectacular scenery and affordability make Como a go-to foodie hotspot for those on a budget as well as those wishing to explore the city’s fine dining establishments.

Natural beauty

Como lies at the southern end of its eponymous lake and is set amongst the valleys of the prealps.

No matter how you view it, it is truly spectacular.

Whether you look down from the mountainside town of Brunate or peaks of the San Maurizio district, or if you admire its splendid beauty from its lakeside towns and villages or a ferry, I guarantee you’ll be amazed.

170708_como, italy (edits)_075170708_como, italy (edits)_074


Three words to describe the people of Como: Stylish. Classy. Sophisticated.

Italians are known for their fashion sense and relaxed lifestyle, but the people of Como take it to another level – I would too if I lived in a place like this!

170708_como, italy (edits)_038170708_como, italy (edits)_218170708_como, italy (edits)_040170708_como, italy (edits)_253170708_como, italy (edits)_051


If possible, Como’s impressive architecture adds even more to the lakeside town’s appeal.

From Como Cathedral to the small, rustic retreats in the hills, the architecture is definitely Instagram-worthy.


Lake Como

Perhaps the most obvious way to spend your time is to take advantage of the Lake – I couldn’t recommend this more!

You’ll definitely want to cool off by taking a dip.

Alternatively, there’s lots to explore on the water, from diving and paddle-boarding to cruises and swimming, you won’t get bored.

If you just fancy relaxing on the shore then grab a refreshing drink and chill out in the sweet summer sun.

170708_como, italy (edits)_239170708_como, italy (edits)_231170708_Como, Italy (Edits)_239170708_Como, Italy (Edits)_231170708_Como, Italy (Edits)_230

Como-Brunate Funicular

If you’re staying in Como then I can’t emphasise this enough.

Perhaps equally as appealing as chilling out at the lake, but quite the opposite in terms of exercise, you can take the funicular up to the hillside town of Brunate (500m above Como) and look out over the lake.

If you fancy going that one step (definitely not literally) further then you can follow the narrow and winding roads up the mountain to the San Maurizio district to visit Volta Lighthouse – you will truly be amazed when you reach the peak.

170708_Como, Italy (Edits)_098170708_Como, Italy (Edits)_130

Day trips

Como is an ideal place to base yourself if you wish to explore either the lake or the mountains.

There is a continuous boat service and you can hop aboard any of them with your ticket.

170708_como, italy (edits)_246170708_como, italy (edits)_222

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