Discovering Brussels: 7 things to do and see in Belgium’s capital

With withdrawal symptoms sinking in from my last trip, I decided to jet off to Brussels, Belgium.

To be honest, I didn’t know much about the city before I paid for my flights and booked my hotel, so it was just a case of walking around the city to see what famous landmarks – if any – I could stumble across.

Brussels is a place of remarkable culture, but its most powerful attraction is not in its people’s way of life, but in the city’s impressive architecture and tourist attractions.

Based on that theme, here’s 7 things to do and see in the Belgian capital:

Grand Place (2+ hours)


Royal Palace of Brussels (< 1 hour)


Atomium (2+ hours)

Monts des Arts (1+ hours)


Manneken Pis (<1 hour)


Parc du Cinquantenaire and the triumphal arch (1+ hours)


Museum of the City of Brussels


The only thing I will say is that after a couple of days in Brussels I was more than satisfied with the amount I packed into this short trip – and honestly, I think it’s more than enough time.

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