Instagram: 7 photojournalists who will open your eyes to the world

We all follow those classic travel accounts on Instagram and hashtag ‘wanderlust’ and ‘passion passport’ in our snaps.

However, if you want to start using Instagram to see what else is going on in the world, then here’s 7 photojournalists you need to follow on Instagram:

David Guttenfelder

Phil Hatcher-Moore

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At a girls’ #school in #Juba, #SouthSudan, students come together three times a week for the #drama club. “We do drama according to the emotions we have”, Bastine, the teacher who runs the group told me. The subjects are not light: ones that touch the life of girls and children growing up in the capital of this nation torn apart by civil #war. Last week was a play about disability awareness, and this week they’re rehearsing a piece on early child marriage. This picture shows a performance about domestic violence. One of the performers, Tabita, said she wants to continue acting for now, “and after university I want to be a lawyer to use the law to protect these girls.” #theatre #development

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Benjamin Lowy

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Tonight it was reported that the Trump Administration will reverse an Obama era law and will now allow elephant hunters to enter the US with their “trophies.” To say this is a step backwards for conservation and the general humane treatment of nature is and understatement. More than that, creatures like elephants, rhinos, and sharks are being hunted to extinction for mythical herbal remedies. And now the US will pander to the spoils of the leisure class. Years ago @bonetiredmama and I spent time at the @dswt in Kenya, photographing orphaned elephants. Young calves abandoned after their mothers were killed by poachers and hunters. Young elephants can quite literally die from depression and sadness, and caretakers must stay with these mourning babies for years, helping them grow, providing them a nurturing environment. And while the US can’t stop people from hunting them in other countries, we have now given tacit approval. Everyday we sink lower and lower. #naturephotography #nature #elephant #elephants #orphanelephants #orphan #conservation #photojournalism

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Ed Kashi 

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Troops returned home from Iraq and Afghanistan march in #Ohio with Lima Company 3rd Battalion, 25th Marines (3/25), which is a reserve infantry battalion in the United States Marine Corps. The battalion was first formed in 1943 for service in the Pacific Theater of Operations during World War II, taking part in a number of significant battles including those at Saipan and Iwo Jima before being deactivated at the end of the war. In the early 1960s, the unit was reactivated as a reserve battalion. Currently headquartered in Brook Park, Ohio with units throughout Ohio, Tennessee, and Pennsylvania, the battalion is nicknamed "three deuce five" and consists of approximately 800 Marines and Sailors. They fall under the 25th Marine Regiment and the 4th Marine Division. Recent operations have included tours in Iraq and Afghanistan. #vets #veteransday #military #soldiers @viiphoto

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Randy Olson

Marcus Bleasdale

Michael Christopher Brown

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showing cuba work this week thursday at @annenbergspace

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